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How To Have A Productive Week: 15 Sunday Habits

Sunday is often seen as a day of rest and relaxation. Yet, for many of us, it can also be a day tinged with anxiety and dread over the thought of Monday and the busy week ahead.

In this article, I’m sharing 15 Sunday habits you should do on Sunday to help make the coming week feel more manageable and productive. From meal planning to setting aside time for yourself, these simple tips can make a big difference in helping you feel more prepared and confident as you start your week. So if you’re feeling the ‘Sunday Scaries‘, try implementing some of these Sunday habits and see how they help you!

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The importance of Habits

The truth is that we all have bad habits we know we should break, but somehow we can’t seem to kick them. Maybe you spend too much time on your phone, or you can’t stop eating junk food. Regardless of the habit, it’s important to break it for your health and well-being. Here are the top 5 toxic habits to give up immediately.

Making small changes to your daily routine can profoundly impact your well-being and productivity. If you want to adopt a healthy mindset and lifestyle, developing healthy mindset habits is essential to support it. These habits will help you stay positive and motivated and help you achieve your goals in life.

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Sunday habits for a productive week

Monday mornings can be challenging. You wake up groggy and overwhelmed by everything you need to do in the upcoming week. It can be tempting to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep, but that will not help you get anything done. Luckily, you can adopt some simple Sunday habits to make Monday mornings and your week a little easier.

How you spend your Sundays can significantly impact how productive and successful your following week is.

If you use Sunday as a day to relax, recharge, and get organized, you’re much more likely to feel motivated and ready to take on the week ahead. However, if you spend the day worrying about Monday and the week ahead and all that it entails, you’ll likely start the week feeling anxious and stressed.

Hence, by implementing some simple Sunday habits, you can start your week feeling calm and confident instead of stressed and overwhelmed.

Create Your Own Sunday Habits Routine

Many of us have mixed emotions about Sundays. We often spend the day resting and relaxing with family and loved ones. Yet, it can be tinged with anxiety and gloom over the thought of Monday looming and being back to our busy daily routine and schedule. 

That was especially true for me when I worked a job I disliked. I would be anxious and even sad when the weekend was over and I had to go back to work on Monday morning. Thankfully, I don’t have that problem anymore, but I still feel anxious sometimes. 

However, the below Sunday habits help me feel more relaxed, prepared, and organized for the week ahead.

So, whether you are in a job that you dread or you just need some motivation and guidance to help you prepare for the week ahead, these tips will help you with that. 

Sunday can be a great day to evaluate where you are, plan, and prepare for the upcoming week while still making time for yourself and whatever you want to do. 

By all means, I’m not suggesting that you adhere to a rigid schedule or incorporate every one of the following suggestions into your plan (I know I don’t). That would be a lot to accomplish in just one day! I prefer my Sundays to be relaxed rather than stressful like the workweek days.

Instead, pick a few that resonate with you and fit your lifestyle and current situation. For example, there are a few habits that I do religiously every Sunday (or sometimes Saturday, depending on my schedule), but others that I do when I have time and if they are necessary. 

Even incorporating a few of these habits into your Sunday routine can make a significant difference come Monday morning. So why not try it out?

sunday habits - meal planning

Sunday Habits That Will Make Your Week Less Stressful

Certain Sunday habits can help you plan for the week and make it more productive and stress-free. Here are some of my favorites:

#1. Make a weekly meal plan.

The first one that made a massive difference for us must be meal planning. If my husband and I don’t plan what to eat for the week, we end up ordering a lot of takeouts. That’s because we either want to cook something and then realize we don’t have the necessary ingredients, or we end up not knowing what to cook and just order in for convenience’s sake. Hence, we’re attempting to plan ahead of time and schedule our meals for at least Monday through Friday.

So, sit down with your calendar and review what your week will look like including any events or activities that might impact your regular meal schedule. Based on all this information, you map out what you will have for each meal from Monday to Friday.

#2. Do grocery shopping.

The second one is grocery shopping. As explained in the previous point, we map out what we will have for each meal from Monday to Friday. I then make a grocery list of all the ingredients we need to make these meals. This habit saves us so much time and money during the week. We used to eat out or order in several nights a week, but now we only do that on Saturdays or Sundays as a treat. Meal planning and grocery shopping during the weekend have made our weekdays much easier and less stressful.

#3. Spend time on meal prepping

Sunday is also a great day to meal prep for the week. That means cooking or preparing ahead of time so you have healthy meals and snacks when you’re busy or stressed. Meal prepping can save you time and money, and it’s a healthy way to eat.

Personally, I don’t do it, but I know many people who do and swear by it. And I’ve been meaning to start doing it because I know it will save us a lot of time during the week. So far, I’ve only managed to get into the habit of preparing breakfast snacks like banana bread or muffins. It’s convenient to have it ready in the morning and simply add some yogurt, nuts, fruit, and seeds to make a nutritious breakfast in minutes.

daily routine on sunday

#4. List The Week’s Most Important Tasks.

As the saying goes, “failing to prepare is preparing to fail.” So, another thing you will find helpful is sitting down and brainstorming everything you need to accomplish in the next seven days. That will help you prioritize your tasks and ensure you don’t forget anything important. Plus, it will give you a sense of satisfaction to start the week with a plan and a purpose. 

#5. Review The Previous Week And Plan For Anything Missed.

Next, go over the previous week and analyze anything you intended to do but did not do for one reason or another. At the same time, it serves as a self-analysis to see if you can learn anything from your own inaction. More often than not, it turns out that the things you didn’t do were actually things that you didn’t need to do in the first place. 

But occasionally, there’s something that’s still relevant and needed, so make a note of it for next week. 

#6. Get Your Weekly Schedule Ready For The Upcoming Week.

The next thing to do is take last week’s to-do list (the ones you did not manage to do but still are essential to complete) and your upcoming week’s to-do list and combine them to form one schedule! That will help you better understand what needs to be done and when. 

Make sure to organize the items by priority so that you can focus on the most critical tasks first. And don’t forget to treat yourself with a break once in a while – you deserve it!

sunday tips for productive week - Create A Clean Environment

#7. Create A Clean Environment.

Another thing I like to do is make sure that the house is clean and organized before the start of a new week. In particular, my workspace, since I work from home. 

I’ve noticed that when my environment isn’t well-organized or aesthetically pleasing, I struggle to concentrate and focus. I’m not sure if anyone else feels this way (my husband, for example, doesn’t), but I need a nice place to work from.

That’s why I like to spend some time on Sunday cleaning up and getting organized for the week ahead. When my living space is clean and clutter-free, I can better focus on work and enjoy my free time.

So, if you’re looking for a way to reduce stress and improve your productivity, try spending some time cleaning up your living space, organizing your desk, or clearing out your inbox. It just might make a world of difference.

Set aside time for yourself. 

#8. Relax. 

Now that the organizing part is out of the way, it’s time to unwind. Sunday is your chance to relax and recharge before the start of the week. Spend some time doing something you enjoy, such as reading, taking a bath, or going for a walk. That will help you start the week feeling energized and ready to face whatever challenges come your way.

#9. Engage in activities that make you happy.

Make sure to save some time for an activity that brings you joy – whether it’s going for a bike ride, playing with your pets, or cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Life is too short to spend all our days working – we need time to play too!

sunday habit-Engage in activities that make you happy.

#10. Spend time or Reach out to friends and family. 

A lot of times, we can get so caught up in our work and our day-to-day lives that we forget to spend time with the people who matter most to us. It’s important to remember that our relationships with our loved ones are some of the most important things in life. Spending time with family and friends is a great way to relax, have fun, and de-stress.

And if you can’t spend time in person with your loved ones, make sure to at least reach out to them regularly via phone, text, email, or social media. Staying connected with our loved ones is one of the best things we can do for our mental health and overall well-being.

sunday habits - relax

#11. Set aside time for yourself. 

Aside from spending time with your loved ones, it would be ideal if you could make time for yourself. This could include reading, journaling, meditating, or simply enjoying a cup of coffee on your porch or in your backyard.

Relaxing in nature is an excellent way to end the day and set the tone for the rest of the week. Find a comfortable spot outside, sit back, and soak up some Vitamin D. Listen to the birds chirping and the leaves rustling in the breeze. Let all your worries melt away as you take a few deep breaths.

If you don’t have time for a long break like this, even setting aside fifteen minutes to read your favorite book can make a world of difference. Dedicating some time to yourself is an important part of maintaining a healthy balance in your life.

#12. Take A Break From Social Media And Your Phone

Another thing I try to do is unplug from my phone as much as possible on weekends. And, yes, I intentionally used the word “try” because I can’t say I always succeed.

On Sundays, however, I try to disconnect as much as possible and concentrate on other things. I may choose to read a book, take a stroll, or simply relax with loved ones. Disconnecting from my phone allows me to relax and recharge for the coming week. Also, not using my phone enables me to be more present and appreciate my surroundings.

And, even though it’s hard (believe me, I know), I always feel better when I take a break from the constant flow of information and the scrolling.

#13. Get ready for Monday morning.

Mornings can be challenging. The alarm clock goes off, and it feels like the day is already against you. But there are some things you can do to make Monday morning more bearable – and even enjoyable. 

First, take a few minutes the night before to check what you need to prepare for the next day. If you plan to work out, lay out your training clothes and prepare your gym bag. If you’re headed into the office, pick out your outfit and ensure you have everything you need for the day. If you’re bringing your lunch to work, put everything in the fridge so it’s ready to go in the morning. 

And if there’s anything else you can think of that will make Monday morning easier – whether it’s setting out your coffee cup or laying out your work materials – do it! A little bit of preparation can go a long way in making Monday morning more bearable and enjoyable.

#14. Get To Bed Early

Going to bed early on Sunday evening is one of the best things I do to prepare for the week ahead. Not only does it ensure that I get a good night’s sleep, but it also allows me to wake up refreshed and ready to start the new week. 

I can be more productive and function at a higher level when I am well-rested. Going to bed early on Sunday evening is a simple but powerful way to set yourself up for success in the week ahead.

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#15. Write down your intentions for the week ahead.

As the weekend ends, it can be helpful to take some time to reflect on the week that has passed and set intentions for the week ahead. Intentions setting can be done in various ways, such as taking a few moments to journal or meditate on your goal. 

Perhaps you want to focus on being more present in your daily life, or maybe you want to be more patient with your loved ones. Try to be as specific as possible.

For example, rather than just intending to “be more present,” you might set the intention to “notice and appreciate the little things that make life beautiful.”

Additionally, try writing down a few affirmations you can repeat each morning. It will help to re-wire your thinking patterns and set you up for a successful week.


Final thoughts

Sundays don’t have to be a drag! Implementing some of these simple Sunday habits ensures that your Sundays are productive yet relaxing and will ensure that you kick-start your week on the right foot. So next Sunday, try out one or two of these Sunday habits and see how they help you feel more prepared for the coming week. And if you’ve got a favorite Sunday habit, let me know in the comments below!

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14 thoughts on “How To Have A Productive Week: 15 Sunday Habits”

  1. Love all these ideas, even though I now work from home so the concept of a weekend is pretty nonexistent to me, haha. But sharing this with my working friends rn.

    1. Thank you for this! I, too, work from home, but on the weekends, I like to disconnect from work when possible. And even though I don’t feel the Monday blues as I did when I was employed I still struggle at times on a Monday. So these Sunday tips help me prepare for a productive week. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  2. Thanks for the ideas! I especially like the idea of taking a social media break. I really enjoy spending my Sundays worshipping God with the Church and reminding myself that this life (and the upcoming Monday) are temporary.

    1. I definitely think that taking a break from social media and spending time with our loved ones and communities can be really helpful! It’s really nice to just focus on our thoughts and ideas without distractions, and also, spending time with God and our community is definitely a great idea.

    1. You’re absolutely right – having a plan makes all the difference! When everything is prepared in advance, you know exactly what you’re going to do and you can focus on getting things done. Thanks for being here!

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